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About the Executive Committee

Two years ago, the Tanabata Festival Executive Committee merged to form the "Shonan School Festival Executive Committee" in order to realize a better festival in consideration of the future social situation. Now that we have merged, we are preparing for a new festival by integrating the know-how and resources that each organization has accumulated over the past three decades. Currently, about 150 people from Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus belong to this committee.


As the theme of the festival is "三原色", the committee members are not the only ones

who are involved in the festival.

Participating organizations,

local residents, and visitors all play important role in the festival.


A school festival closely connected with the community

The Tanabata Festival is not only a "school festival" but also a "local summer festival". The Tanabata Festival is held with the cooperation of many local residents. We are operating the Tanabata Festival with emphasis on its unique characteristics. Therefore, we not only manage the Tanabata Festival, but also participate in local festivals and events to strengthen our ties with the local community.

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