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The 35th Tanabata Festival at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus on July 6 and July 7. Enjoy the Tanabata Festival which has aspects of both a school festival as well as a local regional festival.

Shonan Fujisawa Campus of Keio University


Presented by

Keio University the Shonan School Festival Committee


Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus(SFC)

5322 Endo, Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-0882

From Shonandai Station West Exit(Odakyu Enoshima Line / Sotetsu Izumino Line / Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line)

Take the bus to "Keio University Main Building / Keio University" for about 15 minutes

From Tsujido Station North Exit(JR Tokaido Line)

Take the bus to "Keio Junior and Senior High School / Keio University" for about 25 minutes


Exit from Shonandai Station West B Exit to the street level and from the Kanachu Bus Stop No.1, take the "Shonandai 23 to Keio University", "Shonandai 24 via Sasakubo to Keio University", or "Shonandai 25 Express to Keio University". It will take about 15 minutes to get to Keio University.


From the No.2 bus stop at the North Exit of Tsujido Station, take the Kanachu Bus line "Tsujido 34 to Keio University" or "Tsujido 35 to Keio Junior and Senior Hight School". It will take about 25 minutes to get to Keio University.


If you are attending by car, we have prepared the special parking lot indicated in the map below. Please note there are a limited number of parking spaces available.

Important Information


Regarding your visit

  • Please refrain from bringing pets.

  • If you come by car or bicycle, please follow the instructions of the event staff.

  • Please keep quiet when using public transportation such as buses.

  • Bringing in alcoholic beverages and consuming alcohol on campus, including arriving under the influence of alcohol, is prohibited.

  • Please refrain from parking at nearby facilities such as convenience stores of the golf range.

Other notices

  • Lost items are handles at the General Information Desk(near the 1st stage).

  • Please cooperate with waste separation and dispose of garbage in the designated bins.

  • Unauthorized drone flights are prohibited.

  • The campus is non-smoking. Please use the designated smoking areas indicated on the map.

  • Refrain from uploading photos to social media without permission if they may violate personal portrait rights.

About Stage Photography

A Cappella Singers K.O.E.

UNICORNS Songleaders

Owarai Dojo O-keis

classical guitar club

​Songleading Team Merfilles

  • Photography permissions vary by performance group.

  • Please refrain from taking photography with cameras(excluding smartphones and other electronic devices), unless you are a group affiliate.

  • Additionally, the following groups prohibit photography with any equipment, including smartphones, by non-affiliates. Thank you for your understanding and cooperartion.

Groups where photography is prohibited for non-affiliates

If you need assistance, please visit the General Information Desk(near the 1st Stage) or ask an event staff member in blue, green, or red polo shirt. Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you at the Tanabata Festival.

Please take care on your way here.

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